Wapac/Citadel Software Solution

The Foundation We Built Upon

Citadel and Wapac were designed to be affordable multi-site access control systems with the ability to control a single building or a virtually unlimited number of buildings using either direct connection over wire or fiber, or remote connection over dialup telephone lines. Data entry is supported at the host computer which may be shared with other programs while the software is running in background. Access control and alarm monitoring are performed at each controller from distributed databases where all transactions are logged temporarily for scheduled host uploading while input point alarms are reported in real time to the host computer.​

For over 50 years we have built products that are feature rich and easy to install, with backward and forward capability.  We focus on partnerships with video and door lock providers that give you flexibility with system design, ease of quotation, and the best in product quality and reliability.   This brings both our partners and our customers the finest solutions in the access control industry.

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First Generation

Millennium Access Control


Citadel and Wapac Hardware

Still running strong, these designs, were revolutionary when we introduced them to the marketplace.  We still produce them and are happy to help add to existing sites.

If you know the names Synergistics, Wapac, Citadel, Entry and Expert, you know our first generation products.  We still support these products and at the same time provide an upgrade path to our newest designs.  If you have a Wapac system, you can still add to it.  And if you have a Wapac system and want to upgrade, we have an easy path to an Xtra system.  The same is true with an Expert or Enterprise system.  We keep all of those rich features and add capabilities available through our latest software development.

A History of Scalability, Reliability,

and Upgradability

Expert/Enterprise Software Solution

Thousands Installed

Millennium Expert is a feature rich access control system designed to fit a wide range of applications and sites. Like Millennium Enterprise, Expert can support large or small installations, and traverse multiple sites. For applications that don’t need database/system partitioning, choosing Expert rather than Enterprise, is a cost effective solution. In addition, Millennium Expert allows operators to manage their access control system from a standard PC workstation anywhere on their communication network. The Millennium Door Control Devices (DCD) and Site Control Units (SCU) are the primary hardware components of an Expert installation. These units are time tested and proven reliable with tens of thousands deployed.