We understand that every access control system is different because every installation has special needs.  That's why our products are designed with flexibility in mind.  Is there an IP drop at every door, we have a hardware solution to take advantage of that. Is it more cost effective to network doors together and then connect to the IP network, we have that solution too.  Do you need to work with wireless locks, we've got that. Elevators? We have that too.  And our SQL Server based database gives our software the ultimate in flexibility and supportability.

Millennium Access Control

Xtra Software Solution

Web-Browser based operation

Millennium Xtra is easy to use, fully featured access control software managed directly from an Internet Browser. With this convenience, control functions may be administered without the setup of additional, specialized workstations, saving time and money.  Features include, real-time event monitoring, email/text event notification, separate system partitions, elevator control, and support for thousands of readers.

Millennium Hardware

Site Controllers, Door controllers and Elevator controllers

Performance, Reliability and Affordability are the perfect words to describe the suite of hardware components available through Millennium. Our fifty years of history in Access Control really shows when you review our design architecture. Every door in Millennium system is independently controlled with a Door Control Device (DCD). This means that all cardholders with access levels are managed in each DCD, and access decisions are made independent of any communications between the DCD and the Computer.  If there is ever a network communications loss, each door is still controlled. Groups of DCDs at a specific site or within a site communicate through a simple wiring scheme to a Millennium Site Control Unit (SCU).  This unit coordinates all communications between groups of doors and the Millennium software. Two hardware components ensure that installations are easy, and service is easy and ultimately that per door costs, for installation or service, are affordable

Enterprise Software Solution

Installation proven, enterprise class 

Millennium Enterprise is an advanced access control system designed for multiple site environments, typically over a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN). Its architecture is especially suited for organizations that wish to maintain operations in multiple locations utilizing a common SQL Server database. In addition, Millennium Enterprise allows individual tenants, through data partitioning, to manage their own building using their own workstations, while giving overall control of the system to the facility manager.

A History of Scalability, Reliability,

and Upgradability

For over 50 years we have built products that are feature rich and easy to install, with backward and forward capability.  We focus on partnerships with video and door lock providers that give you flexibility with system design, ease of quotation, and the best in product quality and reliability.   This brings both our partners and our customers the finest solutions in the access control industry.

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