For over 50 years we have built products that are feature rich and easy to install, with backward and forward capability.  We focus on partnerships with video and door lock providers that give you flexibility with system design, ease of quotation, and the best in product quality and reliability.   This brings both our partners and our customers the finest solutions in the access control industry.

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A History of Scalability, Reliability,

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Support from Our Customers

The real test of a companies products comes from the voice of its customers.  Our dealers are among the most respected in the industry.  We are proud to list their testimonials as proof of our capabilities.

Chris Franco, President

Integrated Security Resources, Meridian, ID

Millennium has made their tech support personnel available to me and my customers on several occasions. High level customer support is very critical during Enterprise level support needs, and Millennium is continuing to perform at a very high level of expertise and knowledge. Also, Millennium's system design and programming makes installation and commissioning very cost effective."

Arlene Babb, Vice President

Babb Security Services, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Millennium is the only card access system we sell and service. We have been a Millennium dealer since 1995. Our customers love it. Over the years we have installed systems as small as one door and as large as over a 1,000 doors with buildings networked across the entire province. We even have systems that having been running for over 15 years without any hardware malfunctions. Millennium is dependable. All of our technicians and customers find the software extremely easy to learn and use. Millennium has obviously helped us increase sales in the electronics division of our business. It keeps us very competitive with other companies who install other access systems. Also, the technical support team at Millennium has been invaluable to our technicians with their knowledge, promptness and friendly service. They have never failed to help us with any issues and are always there to assist us with any software, hardware and programming questions we have. We really appreciate their dedication & commitment to our company."

Gary Phillips, President

Gard Tec Security Services, Albany, NY

Millennium software is the most user friendly software I and my customers have ever used. I can train a customer in less than an hour to use the system. Also the ability to install a single controller and t-tap allows for a cost-effective installation when a customer needs a single door added. My favorite story is that I installed my first Millennium System in 1989 for 12 doors in a fire department. Today the same system is up to 28 doors and still using the original controllers. How many customers do you know that have an electronic system operating for over 25 years? How many PC's are 20+ years old and still working? Millennium's ease of installation helps my business by keeping costs down. Their simple setup and training allow me and my employees to get the job installed and setup quickly which brings us a greater profit on the job. Being able to easily add a door saves time and money.  And it keeps our customers happy