Our lockdown feature is a must for school buildings and campuses, our wireless lock capabilities make securing doors and cabinets simple and cost effective for Hospitals, affordable multi-site expansion with elevator control helps businesses effectively secure their facilities as their needs change, various access credentials and readers provide residential users with the convenience they expect, and Millennium/Synergistics is a name synonymous with ATM access control.

Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Residential High Rise, Banks

Millennium has been providing access control systems to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Commercial buildings and tenants, Luxury High Rises, and Bank ATM vestibules for over 50 years. Our prestigious list of customers numbers in the thousands and continues to grow. 

For over 50 years we have built products that are feature rich and easy to install, with backward and forward capability.  We focus on partnerships with video and door lock providers that give you flexibility with system design, ease of quotation, and the best in product quality and reliability.   This brings both our partners and our customers the finest solutions in the access control industry.

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